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Water tanks reach Jamaican farmer

The Jamaican governmnet tries to alleviate the effects of the persisting drought by distributing 300 water tanks to affected farmers

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Many Caribbean islands like Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and Jamaica are struggling to cope with the current drought brought about by El Nino and consequently the lighter hurricane season. Last year Jamaica experienced some of the worst drought conditions in years and the 2015 projections do not indicate that the situation is going to improve.

In order to alleviate the drought’s effect on farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will be distributing 300 water tanks, 650 gallons each. The water deliveries will be supplemented with resources such as fertilizers for coffee growers and monetary support for farmers from the parish of Manchester, located in the southern portion of the island.


It is estimated that the tanks will cost the government about USD 5 million, however the impact of this project could be much greater. This initiative is a part of the government’s larger effort to make the country's agricultural sector more resistant to the effects of drought and climate change through better water and land management.

This policy is implemented by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), the main government agricultural and rural development agency, and the National Irrigation Commission (NIC), the government agency tasked with maintaining and expanding the country's irrigation systems. 

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